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The launch of our take away service in CORBY Friday 10th April 2020

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Due to the current situation we are all experiencing with Covid-19 isolation, most of this years festival season has been postponed or cancelled! I know! Horrendous, but needs must. We want our customers to remain safe but not be without the deliciousness we produce in our trailers.

We have decided to open our blue lady up as a Delivery service available until further notice within CORBY and the surrounding areas. We have made a delicious menu that hopefully the entire family are able to find something they fancy on. All produced freshly by us to order, something all our customers have become accustomed to. No shortcuts, just delicious home cooked food delivered safely to your door. We havent forgotten our special dietary customers either and have on offer, vegan, veggie and gluten free options as always!

We have a no contact delivery service available and are taking payments by card reader and we will accept cash but this needs to be the correct amount and in a sealed bag to be accepted (a kitchen jiffy bag will do just fine!)

Here is our menu, have a look, let us know what you think and do get in touch for your comfort food delivered straight to your door.

Launching this coming weekend!

Thanks for listening as always and looking forward to being back in the fields next year serving our deliciousness to all you festival goers.

The trailers are still available for wedding hire and event hire but only when the ban is lifted. Our tray bakes are also still available to order via our online system. Stay safe everyone!

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