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Our new lady arrives covered in chocolate!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Well, its been a whirlwind of a summer with us launching a new lady. You are all familiar with our pink and blue ladies but now we have our Choconana stall which launched this summer at Standon Calling. It went down extremely well in the warm weather with lots of tiny hands eager to get a chocolate coated frozen banana. We had a choice of chocolates to dip, including a vegan option and several delicious toppings to dip into including nuts, oreos, caramel pieces, coconut, sprinkles to name but a few.

With a cheeky Hawaiian twist, and a splash of sunshine we reckon this lovely lady will go down well at all kinds of events, festivals, weddings and even school events! If you would like to see her at one of your events please get in touch!

We have some pictures of a few of our first customers. Pictures allowed with parents consent.

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